Welcome to Perl in the Cloud - Update

Perl in the Cloud - Update

By Denis Banovic (‎@bano99‎)
Date: Saturday, 23 August 2014 14:50
Duration: 50 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: English
Tags: cloud dancer devops paas

Are you tired of doing OPS when all you want to do is DEV? Do you want to scale your Perl applications within few minutes?
If this sounds good for you, join me in this talk and I'll show you how open source PaaS can help your reach all this.
Bring your Notebook and you will have your own perl cloud application by the end of the session up and running.
We will compare different PaaS providers in terms of price and availability ( in Europe ) , open source and release management.
At the end, I will give you a plan for how to set up and run your own private open source PaaS.

Attended by: Laurent Dami (‎dami‎), Patrick Mevzek, Leon Brocard (‎acme‎), Anatoliy Dmytriyev (‎tolid‎), Oliver Hoos, Michal Jurosz (‎mj41‎), stoian iovchev, Johnathan Swan, Peter Wise (‎vagnerr‎), Tudor Constantin, Radek Kotowicz, Naim Shafiyev (‎shafiev‎), Dumitru Negrea, Veroslav Cenov (‎gryzli‎), Konstantin Stoyanov (‎kosyo‎), Radoslav Takev (‎radan‎), Ivan Ivanov (‎suricactus‎), Jussi Kinnula (‎Spot‎), Tatsuro Hisamori (‎@myfinder‎), Dan Muey, atoomic, Mihai Pop, Søren Lund (‎slu‎), Ahti Nurminen (‎ade‎), Thomas Reifenberger, Dominic Humphries (‎djh‎), Alex-P. Natsios (‎Drakevr‎),