YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev

YAPC::Europe 2013 “Future Perl”

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Our::Boilerplate - how to make your own modern Perl dialect

By Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ (‎daxim‎) from Vienna.pm
Date: Wednesday, 14 August 2013 15:50
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Beginner
Language: English

I will show how to bundle up modules which you use all the time in your application modules anyway - this is nicknamed "boilerplate code". Together with syntax-bending modules, this gives you your own dialect of Perl that's supposed to better in some way than standard Perl - easier to program, shorter source code, easier to maintain, etc.

The later part of the talk highlights some modules that we use that way in-house and what they are good for.

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