YAPC::Europe 2013 “Future Perl”

12–14 August 2013  |  Kiev, Ukraine

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YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev — “Future Perl”

Student Application Form

If you are a student and would like to attend the YAPC::Europe 2013 conference in Kiev, you may apply for a student ticket of 20 €. Please fill the form below and buy a student ticket at the conference site. Please note that this form and the special ticket offer will be closed as soon as we have 30 student applications.

The student ticket gives you access to all the talks during the main conference days (12–14 August). It also covers two coffee breaks and a lunche every day. It does not include the River cruise.

Student tickets are sponsored by Booking.com. Please fill in their form and attach a copy of your student ID card.

Booking.com, Planet Earth’s #1 accommodation website gives you an excellent opportunity to join YAPC::Europe 2013, the biggest Perl gathering in Europe.

Booking.com is truly a Perl shop with over 150 developers hacking on Perl in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Our infrastructure is large. We deploy to hundreds of servers, talk to hundreds of databases, serve millions of page views, and have multiple subsstems and it’s all in Perl. This is your opportunity to learn more about Perl by attending tech talks and get the chance to meet Perl developers from all around the world.

We want to get to know you. Please complete the below information in English and submit the form with a copy of your current student ID card.

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