p5-mop hackathon goals (part 2 of 5)

21/06/12 13:48 by Stevan Little (‎stevan‎)

This is our second article in the ongoing series in which we discuss the goals for the p5-mop hackathon. In this article we will discuss our goals around the implementation of Roles in the p5-mop.


Perhaps one of the most exciting features to come out of the Perl 6 Synopsis was the idea of Roles. Roles were originally inspired by work done in Smalltalk by the Software Composition Group (part of the Institute of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (IAM) at the University of Berne) and is detailed in the papers found here (NOTE: these papers are actually on our suggested reading list for the hackathon).

Currently we have an implementation of roles in a branch of the p5-mop repository. This is currently the most complete of the several attempts we have made, but to be honest, it is not yet satisfactory to us. Because of this, one of the key goals of the hackathon is to try and work out the best design for Roles in the core. This not only includes the details of how Roles behave on the language level, but also how they fit into the underlying MOP.

Our current list of attendees includes a number of core Moose developers, all of whom have done significant work on that Role system, as well as Jonathan Worthington, one of the key designers of 6model the Perl 6 meta-model layer. We hope given this mix of people there will be much spirited discussion had and hopefully a unified design for Roles in the core of Perl 5.

So if you are interested in Roles and want to help, make sure to sign up as soon as possible (remember June 25th is the deadline), and come join our discussion.

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