Who is coming to the Moving to Moose hackathon?

20/06/12 08:30 by Salve J. Nilsen (‎sjn‎)

The success of a topical hackathon depends very much on who shows up. We'll be focusing on Moose and RDF-related stuff, so it's prudent to ask who is coming from the #moose, #p5-mop and #perlrdf communities?

I'm so glad you asked! :)

Florian "rafl" Ragwitz
A frequent contributor to the Perl 5 core as well as many Perl modules on CPAN. He is the principal organizer of the Perl Google Summer of Code and Google Code-in initiatives, one of the maintainers of MetaCPAN, and a speaker, contributor and attendee at many Perl conferences and events.
Gregory Todd "kasei" Williams
Author of RDF::Trine, RDF::Query and many other semantic web Perl modules. He is writing a Ph.D thesis at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, on efficient federated query answering on the web.
Jesse "doy" Luehrs
The current maintainer of Moose, KiokuDB, and Bread::Board::Declare. He works with Stevan at Infinity Interactive and has been working with him on the design and implementation of the p5-mop project.
Jonathan "jnthn" Worthington
Designer of Perl 6's Meta Object Protocol, which Moose is strongly inspired by.
Kjetil "KjetilK" Kjernsmo
RDF and Perl geek with background in W3C and 8 years of industry experience. Currently working on his Ph.d. on efficient federated query answering on distributed SPARQL data sources by exposing compact statistical digests.
Konstantin "kba" Baierer
He writes a Master's thesis about adding RDF semantics to Moose, and he has published MooseX::Semantic for this purpose.
Marcus "marcus" Ramberg
Perl hacker with a long background in the Catalyst, Moose and Mojolicious communities. Marcus was the first known user of Moose in a production application. Currently CTO of Nordaaker, where he hacks on Perl based web apps as well as IOS applications.
Shawn M. "sartak" Moore
One of Moose's maintainers having written popular modules like MooseX::Role::Parameterized, Mouse, and Any::Moose. He aims to make p5-mop as extensible as possible, ensuring that it can support systems even more intricate than Moose can.
Stevan "stevan" Little
The original author of Moose and Class::MOP and has been writing meta-circular object systems for fun for the last 7 years. Stevan's latest project is to get a new object system into the Perl core.
Toby "tobyink" Inkster
He is the author of a large number of RDF-related Perl modules on CPAN, including RDFa parsers, HTML5 microdata parsers, FOAF+SSL authentication modules, etc. He is also a co-inventor of the FOAF+SSL protocol.

You can also find an updated participant list on the hackathon website.

In other words, we're already looking good when it comes to participants. Wanna join us? :)

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