OpenStreetMap for Perl Developers

By Tom Hukins
Date: Saturday, 30 November 2013 15:00
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: English
Tags: geo openstreetmap osm

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

OpenStreetMap creates and distributes free geographic data for the world. Despite its name, OSM offers much more than a map of streets.

This talk will begin with a summary of OpenStreetMap's data model, APIs, editing tools and map rendering process.

After that, we'll explore how Perl developers might use the data model and APIs within their own programs and look at existing parts of OpenStreetMap's toolchain that use Perl.

Attendees should have some experience of programming, ideally with Perl, but the talk assumes no experience of OpenStreetMap or other geographic information systems.

The speaker has many years experience programming Perl, a few years experience editing OpenStreetMap and a recent interest in the technical side of the map's data and interfaces.

Attended by: Tom Hukins, Zefram . (‎Zefram‎), David Dorward, Tony Edwardson, Paul Mooney (‎moonfish‎), kevin dawson (‎bowtie‎), StrayTaoist, Matthew Black, Andrew Black, Anatolie Mazur (‎Mask‎), steve mynott (‎itz‎), Sue Mynott (‎virtualsue‎), Merlyn Kline, James Green (‎jkg‎), Pete Barlow, Richard Newsham (‎rnewsham‎), Steven Humphrey, David Escribano, João Bolila, Julien Fiegehenn (‎simbabque‎), Tamara Kaufler, Gabriele Hack (‎gabimuc‎), Hugh Barnard, Andrew Jones, David Morrison, geira, Michael Jemmeson (‎michael‎), Martin Berends (‎mberends‎), Barbie, Venkatesh R (‎Venki‎), Tanscia, Adeola Awoyemi (‎dialog‎), Jayesh Joshi (‎Josh‎), Daniel Smith, Chris Jack, Christopher Hanna (‎Chad‎), wu-lee, John Harrison (‎JohnGH‎),



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