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Sponsor the 20th German Perl Workshop

Perl is an open source programming language and one of the world's most-used languages.
We want to increase the amount of qualified Perl developers by organizing the German Perl Workshop. Even if the German Perl Workshop focuses itself to Germany and german people, every year people from regions near-by join the workshop, too.
The workshop is a non-profit conference taking place every year in a different city. It is organised by the Perl community.
Your sponsoring is going to benefit existing and potential employees as well as employees of your service partners. There are numerous Perl professionals taking part in this event to exchange ideas and experiences, find new challenges and talk about new developments in the realm of Perl. Most of the participants take part of their own volition and on their own time.
Any financial support by you helps us to offer them an improved workshop experience.

Sponsoring contact:

Support the 20th German Perl Workshop as a sponsor. Below we will list a few options. Of course, we can also come to mutually beneficial agreement on different terms.
In case you're currently searching Perl-/IT-professionals, we appreciatiate when you share the open positions via the organized job exchange.

350 €
short description of the company on the web-site, a delivered flyer will be put in the conference bag, an A4 poster will put on our pin board
750 €
additionally an advertisement within the program
1500 €
additionally a put-up hinge in lecture hall, company logo on the conference shirt & an A3 poster on the pin board and on desire 1 business-ticket
3500 €
plus a both in vestibule (limited availability) & an A2 poster and on desire up to 2 business-tickets
7500 €
Company Logo will be displayed before each recorded video on publishing and on desire up to 3 business-tickets

The prices quoted include VAT. Each option includes the contents of the lower classes. Our website will display all sponsor logos with a link to their respective site. Flyers can be laid out in the foyer. Mention during opening keynote. Every new sponsor will be announced on the conference website.

Some examples for individual options that can be sponsored in whole or in part: