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Workshop: Perl on embedded devices

As goal of this workshop the participants learn the safe and reliable way to develop and deploy software on IoT devices. Being able to fulfill non-functional requirements as security updates is conceptionally included.

Because of limited seats, a binding registration is mandatory.
Furthermore a registration fee has to be payed to cover operational and hardware*) efforts.

§9: Wat sull dä Quatsch? (What is it good for?)

  1. One can make experiences with developing of software for devices without having access to the device in case of support conditions.
  2. We'll talk about concepts using embedded devices for SaaS models, even partially for accounting.
  3. Participants can do experiments with different operation concepts (e.g. Debian using ext4 vs. Poky on squashfs).
  4. Developers could experience previously unknown problems and thus may result in proactive improved software quality.
  5. Maintainers could experience which decisions produces which consequences.

The workshop covers following topics

  1. Basis of images for embedded systems
  2. Becoming familiar with the infrastructure
  3. Getting logged in on the build machine for the workshop
  4. Adding a simple Perl application
  5. Building a new image with that application
  6. flash the built image on the demo board
  7. Testing the application
  8. Adding a new perl module
  9. Using the newly added Perl module in the test application
  10. Flash and test the updated test application
  11. individual steps

autonomous work

Starting from here each perticipant can do several individual steps - from adding own, existing applications over experimenting with electronic components up to testing and adopting maintained Perl modules.

On request the individual part can continued with in the hackathon sessions organized on Saturday.


Self-serviced equipment: operational vt100 terminal, ssh client

*) provided equipment

Pos. Description Count
1 Beaglebone Black 1
2 Beaglebone Black Case 1
3 Power Supply 2
4 serial debug-adapter 1
5 SD Card 1
6 RJ45 patch cable 2
7 VLAN-Tagged switch port for Laptop & Beaglebone 2
8 Breadboard 2-3
9 Sensors ~ 5
10 electronic components (resistors, jumper, cable/connectors, ...) 20-30

participation fee (private): 65€
participation fee (business): 220€

Do binding registration