Battling a Legacy Schema with DBIx::Class

60 minutes



This talk aims to give/explain some lessons learnt and tips on using
DBIx::Class with a legacy database schema.

An overview of DBIx::Class will be given, although this will not be in
great detail and there is some expectation of knowledge of the basics
of dbic

The basic skeleton of the talk is as follows:

- Who am i?
- Why DBIx::Class
- Legacy Schema
+ Grown organically
+ Poorly normalised
+ No relational constraints
+ Polymorphic relationships
+ Poor choice of data types
+ SQL Antipatterns
- Battling the above with DBIx::Class
+ Generating schema classes
+ Adding relationships
+ Solving joins on polymorphic relationships
+ Inflating columns
+ Fixing data types with filters
+ Virtual views and reports
+ Query tracing and profiling
- Questions?

Other topics touched upon may include:

+ Thin controllers
+ Fat model

I expect the talk to last around 45 minutes, and with a Q&A at the end
that should take it to the 60 minute mark. The full presentation and
example code will available for view/fork/contribution on github. 

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