Welcome to Running Slovenian national video and audio archive on Perl Dancer.

Running Slovenian national video and audio archive on Perl Dancer.

By Simun Kodzoman (‎sime‎) from Ljubljana.pm
Date: Friday, 22 August 2014 14:50
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: English
Tags: archive dancer mysql solr

Perl Dancer is often thought as suitable only for smaller projects. We have used it to build a video archive management system for Slovenian national television which serves 17 million video and audio clips to over a million users every day. Perl Dancer has been running in this setup for over a year now, without any issues and we continue to expand the system with new features daily. Principles we have used and will show can be applied to basically any other similar archive, whether it is video or something else.

Attended by: Nicholas Clark, osfameron, Stefan Hornburg (‎Racke‎), Marco Pessotto (‎melmothx‎), Patrick Mevzek, Luboš Kolouch (‎kolcon‎), Alex-P. Natsios (‎Drakevr‎), Kerstin Puschke (‎titanoboa‎), Tom Hukins, Mihai Pop, Dimitar Mitov, Julien Fiegehenn (‎simbabque‎), Jose Luis Martinez Torres (‎JLMARTIN‎), Ovidiu Satmari (‎ovidiu.satmari‎), stoian iovchev, Heinz Knutzen, Laurent Dami (‎dami‎), Tudor Constantin, Matthias Zeichmann, Kamen Naydenov (‎pau4o‎), Naim Shafiyev (‎shafiev‎), Lukáš Rampa, Ioana Falcusan, Daniel Moldovan, Vladimir Vasilev, Konstantin Stoyanov (‎kosyo‎), Radoslav Takev (‎radan‎), Oana Raluca Rusu, Ivan Ivanov (‎suricactus‎), Manol Roujinov, Ahti Nurminen (‎ade‎), Gleb Panshin (‎panshin‎), Marc Egea i Sala (‎meis‎), Simun Kodzoman (‎sime‎),