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Pre-conference-meeting and Iser tour

30/01/20 19:20 by Max Maischein (‎Corion‎)

If you arrive early on Tuesday, 4:30pm, we organised a guided (German) tour of the Informatik Sammlung Erlangen ("Iser"). An English guided tour will take place on Friday, 4:30pm:

If you want to attend the tour, please register at:

For those who are in Erlangen Tuesday evening, there will be a meetup at

Restaurant Boliwood - GERBEREI 8 91054 ERLANGEN

Telefon : 09131 97 31 77

The restaurant opens at 5pm, we will meet there after 6pm. The restaurant also has vegan meals. Please indicate if you plan to come on the wiki ( ), and also note there if you want to eat (only) vegan.