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On Saturday, 5th September 2015, there is a room allocated for Hackathons. If you'd like to participate, please add your name under the top title. If the topic you are interested in is not listed yet, add that title.

Perl 6

  • JJ Merelo

CPAN PR/co-maintainer hackathon

Help people contribute to CPAN either by getting them send their first pull-request patching a CPAN module, or by even taking over maintainership of a CPAN module. Some of the sub-topics:

  • Find a module to send a pull request
  • Set up the environment to develop the module
  • Find a task to do
  • Fork/branch/FIX/commit/push/send PR :: Repeat
  • Learn basics of Git on the way
  • PAUSE rights

If this happens, it will be a bit workshop-like hackathon.