Webshopping with Catalyst & AngularJS in Cloud

50 minutes



There are a lot of good Open Source apps to create webshops, and there is good ERP/CRM integration already done on many commercial products. Why do we need yet another webshop?

My hobby project, angular-webshop, was founded to create an alternative - purely focusing on making a boilerplate, with commonly used modern technologies, driven by a powerful REST API and administration interface. The aim is not only to make the boilerplate as a starting point of an e-commerce project, but also a set of good integration to cloud services - in the beginning starting from Heroku, but ending up also to Amazon's palette, etcetera.

The talk is about the basic fundamentals on the selected technologies, going through the creation of demo webshop, and discussion about the problem behind webshop creation - too complex admin user interfaces, too difficult to use media tools and else. 

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