Welcome to Wiki - Saturday Night 23rd

Dr Who viewing party info is here: http://act.yapc.eu/ye2014/wiki?node=DrWho


From 8:00pm onwards - Music/DJ and drinking:

Bar Kontrabar near the National Palace of Culture
Sofia Center, 1463 Sofia, Bulgaria

There is pizza etc nearby.

Note: Google will tell you it's closed today. It's not.

Contact Gheorghi (Stelf) if you need help +359 878325310

If you go by taxi tell the driver to take you to "en de kha pilonite" or NDK

kartobar is down a staircase, on the floor and space bove kartobar these a decay vacent closed bar, keep walking around the NDK building & u will find the stars to kartobar, the area/park is poorly light.

Plan B



- rGeoffrey

I think this is the correct map link:


- krunen

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