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Monday 25 August 2014 10:00 - late - Metropolitan Hotel - Sofia

Liz Mattijsen and Wendy van Dijk organise a Perl Hackathon in their way too big room on the top floor of the Metropolitan Hotel in Sofia (Bulevard Tsarigradsko shose 64, 1784 Mladost, Sofia: Map ). Room 10.01 (elevator -> floor 10 -> right -> end of hall -> knock -> welcome).

For elevator entry, go to front desk, say that you come for the Perl Hackathon in room 10.01, and if all goes well, somebody will bring you to the elevator, and use his/her pass to let you go to the 10th floor.

The Hackathon is for Perl 6 and Perl 5 and CPAN and whatever Perl you want to work on. There is enough to work on. If you just want to work on something but you don't know what, we will know something nice for you.

We can start as early as 10:00 and we can go on as long as we want. Well, our plane leaves at 06:00 the next day, so we really have to stop on Tuesday at 03:00.

There are 23 seats. One big table with 8 seats, a smaller one with 3, a seating area with couches (2 three-seaters) and 4 "ottomans" and a very comfy relax chair. We have a nice big terrace with a panoramic view over Sofia and some mountains.

We will take care of food and drinks and snacks. And of course lunch and dinner.

If you plan to come along, please tell Liz or me. Since we are not constantly checking our mail or IRC, please tell us personally: when you see either of us at the conference, or text message me (00-31-6-55131591) or Liz (00-31-6-55131590). And add your name down below the line.

You are welcome to bring drinks and snacks and games and whatever nice.



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