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Bulgaria is a small East European country.

We are part of the European union since 2007.

Facts about Bulgaria
Fun facts about Bulgaria


Our official currency is Bulgarian Lev.

The Lev is tied to the Euro by the Bulgarian central bank and 1 Euro is 1.955 levs.

In most stores and restaurants in Bulgaria you can pay via Debit Card but there are only a few places where Credit Cards are accepted.
We have ATM machines almost everywhere. Most of the ATMs are accepting Credit cards. If you are using ATMs, please do check them for skimmer devices before use.

I would advise you to have 20lv in cash with you at all times.


Some taxis in Bulgaria bump the prices a lot. This is why I urge you to use only cars from the following two companies:

Yellow Taxi
OK taxi

Taxi prices:

  • per km: 0.79(day) 0.90(night)
  • call: 0.69(day/night)
  • starting tariff: 0.70(day/night)

If the prices are higher then the above, change the taxi.


A local reports these facts:

  • When you pay a waiter and you expect the get change back, don't say "Thank you" when you hand them the money, because that it a sign that you *don't* need change back.
  • Tipping is very minimal. More than 3% if considered *very* generous.
  • A cab ride anywhere in Sofia should not be more that 15 lev (8 Euro) and should get you most of the way across town.

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