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"Birds of a feather" meetings

The BoF sessions will be held in Pirin hall on Saturday. The hall is located to the left of Vitosha.

"an informal meeting at conferences, where the attendees
group together based on a shared interest and carry out
discussions without any pre-planned agenda"

The Future of Act

The Future of ACT BOF

ACT Developer Mailing list

Act is "A Conference Toolkit" - the application that's powering this Perl event and numerous others. It's been in service for over 10 years and definitely deserves several fundamental overhauls. Almost anyone coming in closer contact with it has a few ideas on how to improve it. There are two major events coming up: Oslo.pm wants to organize an Act hackathon in 2015. And Theo van Hoesel has submitted a grant proposal.


Dr Who Premier Party

Who planned this conference to run during the Dr Who Premier anyway?

Dr. Who Premier Party

A run around the block

What better way to discover a new city than by running. Add your preferred distance and speed.

Playing Ingress

We would need a mobile data plan, but in general there are A LOT of portals in Sofia.

All Bulgarians get to know each other

On Sunday all bulgarians at the YAPC are welcome to get together for lunch and get to know each other. Meeting spot is in front of the Vitosha hall at the beginning of the lunch break.


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