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Name   Smylers
City   Leeds
Country   United Kingdom
Perl mongers group   northwestengland.pm
Company   Direct Boat Insurance
Email   smylers@cpan.org
Web page   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3775852/
Perlmonks id   Smylers
IM   Smylers.MSN@stripey.com
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Smylers is the Perl development team for a boutique marine insurance business — which is much more fun that it sounds. He's also the sys-admin, DBA, and user-interface design teams.

Previously he joined Donhost as a Perl developer, which somehow led to him being a manager at Webfusion (without really changing jobs), and before that he was Head of Perl Training at GBdirect, where he taught Perl to Yahoo!, Microsoft, Sony, Barclays, and the Nationwide building society among others, and was the lead developer for top UK IT news website ‘The Register’.

Smylers has been giving talks on Vim, Linux, and Perl since 1999. He specializes in geek productivity. His talk ‘How to Speak at Perl Conferences’ was well received by both Damian Conway (“I was hoping to learn something, and I did”) and Mark Jason Dominus (“I expected to hate it, but I didn't”).

As an occasional contributor of questions to the BBC TV quiz ‘Only Connect’, he managed to crowbar a mention of Perl into one episode.

He lives Ooop North, specifically in Ilkley.
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