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First talks accepted... but still room for a few good talks!

17/07/14 11:45 by osfameron

We're very happy to announce a fantastic selection of talks: Perl in industry and the media, web frameworks new and old, new syntax, the Perl job market, and of course, the latest on Perl 6!

If you are now kicking yourself for not submitting a talk, fear not AND SUBMIT!

We are juggling the schedule at http://act.yapc.eu/ye2014/wiki?node=Schedule and will release the timetable over the next weeks. We will do our best to squeeze in some more speakers, and having extra talks really helps us plan!

* we'd love to see more talks from new speakers! (20 minute or 5 min lighting talks are best)

* (and of course we always love talks from veteran speakers)

* YAPC::EU is an inclusive conference (race, gender, sexuality, ability, faith, etc.) We're already delighted to have a good selection of talks by female speakers, for example, but We Can Do Better, so please help us by submitting a talk!


If you have submitted any talks, you should have received an email from us listing which ones have been accepted. Please click your confirmation that you will give the talk as soon as possible!


Please look at the list and STAR all the talks you're most interested in. This will help us allocate talks to appropriately sized rooms!

The YAPC::EU 2014 Sofia programme committee