More news and call for papers

01/03/13 19:37 by Tadeusz Sośnierz (‎tadzik‎)

The May is closer and closer, and since we've settled some formal issues we're ready to reveal some more things.

First of all, thanks to Opera Software, our venue will be the Opera office in Warsaw, at al. Niepodległości 69. This is just a few subway stations away from the city centre, so there should be no trouble at all to get there.

Secondly, let's take a look at the schedule. It may seem confusing that for example London Perl Workshop, being a lot bigger event has only one day of talks, and Polish Perl Workshop wants to have two. Thing is, we're not exactly planning two days of talks.

The event will have a similar structure to Quack and Hack. The first day, saturday, is going to be a talk day: an introduction, talks, talks, talks, break, talks and an obligatory lightning talk session. Sunday, however, will live up to the name "workshop". We're planning to have courses, classes, hackathons, whatever we can figure out. Of course, if you don't feel like staying for two days or you aren't really interested in one of the parts, there's no problem in coming for just one day.

What do we have so far? Mr. Torsten Raudssus (‎Getty‎) agreed to host a DuckDuckGo hackathon; whether you're looking for a way to contribute some small thing to an awesome search engine or just want to have some fun creating a goodie for all the world to see, you really don't want to miss that one.

Furthermore, Mr. Jonathan Worthington (‎jnthn‎) is going to host a Rakudo Perl 6 hackathon! In case you didn't notice, Rakudo is currently being ported to the JVM. If you wan't to catch up with the latest development, want to achieve fame and glory building The Big Deal, there's your chance to do that.

In addition to that, we are going to have a class by one Very Famous Perlist. Who exactly? Ah, you didn't really think I'm going to reveal everything already, did you? Let me save something exciting for the next announcement.

Is there anything exciting you'd like to participate in on the second day? A Code Kata session, perhaps? Please inform us of your ideas!

Last but not least, the time to submit your talk proposals is now! Have something exciting to show, something annoying to rant about? There'll be no better time to do it. Bring it on!

See you in all in may!