Organizer's log: Day 4

29/08/12 23:47 by Salve J. Nilsen (‎sjn‎)

Sometimes it seems like we're at a food hackathon! We had a nice Norwegian breakfast, a tasty lunch and a four-course dinner to finish off the hackathon. In-between these bouts of consumption, we hacked on all kinds of things. But this time with the rather striking knowledge that the hackathon is about to end. Some of us chose to continue well into the night, knowing that we had to get up quite early to catch the bus to the airport.

Well done to the attendees! We've had a great time, achieved a lot, and proved the substantial value of gathering people in the same room in order to solve problems quickly.

Now we only have to wait for the attendees to write their own blog posts about the event! ^^

Tags: perl moose rdf hackathon organizer log