Organizer's log: Day 2

27/08/12 23:02 by Salve J. Nilsen (‎sjn‎)

The weather was even better today, with clear skies and lots of sun but a little colder. We started off with a tasty breakfast followed by sartak giving his Moose Role Usage Patterns talk he gave at YAPC::EU. At noon we went for a warm lunch (tomato soup with eggs) with discussions about teaching Moose, and role-related terminology. This was followed by Patrick's introductional talk about NQP.

Hacking then commenced.

By dinner-time we learned that a gusher of oil professionals were arriving and that we should have ours an hour early. Fine! We made room for the oily people, and as thanks we got free drinks. :)

Hacking then commenced, with the evening activities slowly puttering into a night filled with the Madness of the Old Ones.

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