Organizer's log: Day 1

26/08/12 23:38 by Salve J. Nilsen (‎sjn‎)

We started off with a quick breakfast, picked up our lunch packages and started the climb to Preikestolen. Several of us couldn't join us on the hike because of pain in their legs. I hope they get another chance some day, because the view from Preikestolen was truly worth the effort to get there.

We were off before 10 o'clock, with a pleasant 15°C in the air and some clouds. Good weather for both walking and photography. We were also joined by Rune Nessen - a remote-controlled helicopter pilot who was charged with recording our trip to the viewpoint. He brought several RC helicopters, all of them fitted with cameras, and all of them with enough fuel or batteries to last for a few hours of aerial movie shooting.

The slowest among us arrived some three hours after departure, and were greeted by a stunning view, and LOTS of people. We enjoyed our lunch at the edge, taking lots of pictures and watching the helicopter fly around and over us. It was a bit chilly, but everyone seemed to have a good time, so we took our time enjoying the view.

On the way back we had a few more aerial recording shoots, all the time getting questions like "will you publish this on YouTube?" and "this is so cool, where can I download it when you're done?". We replied "we'll see, but if we get enough good footage, we'll most likely publish it on the website. Let's see how it goes.

Back at the lodge, we promptly went on to hacking and discussing.

Dinner was nice, with the main course being a wonderfully tasting chicken club with chickpeas, salsa and cabbage.

We kept on hacking until quite late, even if many of us were exhausted from the trek. And we even got in a couple rounds of Fluxx. Good times! :)

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