Organizer's log: Day 0

25/08/12 22:08 by Salve J. Nilsen (‎sjn‎)

Today we spent our time getting to the lodge. Arne's logistics planning paired with Eystein's bus driving skills got all of us to Preikestolen Mountain Lodge in one piece. The ferry ride was beautiful, with a pleasant breeze keeping us cool, and the music we played was appropriately Norwegian.

Arriving at the lodge, we notice quickly that the area around the lodge is very quiet, with a beautiful lake view and lots of forest and mountains to rest weary eyes on. This is a nice place to hack for a couple days.

When everyone had arrived, we did the introductions and gave everyone a tiny blue-sweatered plush moose so we would get into the mood. At seven we took the short walk to the restaurant for a tasty 4-course dinner filled with plenty of discussion and even a couple project introductions from Kjetil and Stevan.

After the food we gathered in the lodge for some hacking and discussions. Distracting these guys from their code and their projects is HARD. As I figured, it's pointless to plan the hacking itself. :)

As for weather, the forecast looks good for Sunday. We'll hike to Preikestolen tomorrow, and if all goes well, we'll be on our way around nine-ish.

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