p5-mop hackathon goals (part 5 of 5)

30/07/12 21:42 by Stevan Little (‎stevan‎)

This is our fifth and final article in the series in which we discuss the goals for the p5-mop hackathon. In this article we will discuss our goals around integration with Perl 6.

Integration with Perl 6

So, in this final article I want to discuss what is perhaps the most ambitious goal as well quite possibly the most important one. Ever since the conception of Perl 6, it has always been said that it would not be backwards compatible. And that Perl 6 was a not so much a break with the past, but a giant leap into the future. So instead of backwards compatibility, the goal was interoperability, and for a long time that goal was hinged on the idea of the Parrot virtual machine and a Perl 5 running atop that. Unfortunately that project (Ponie) was ultimately "put out to pasture" in August of 2006.

If you trace the lineage of the p5-mop project you will first come to Moose. But Moose, while borrowing from a number of languages, got the majority of its inspiration from Perl 6, which was a direct result of work done on the Pugs project. It it only fitting that we come back around full circle here and make one of the goals of the p5-mop to interoperate with Perl 6.

So with this goal in mind, we are very happy that both Patrick Michaud (the Perl 6 Pumpking) and Jonathan Worthington (an avid Perl 6 contributor whose focus is on the metamodel) will be attending the hackathon. Having these two with us will not only help stir the discussion for Perl 6 interop, but also allow us p5-mop hackers to learn from the experience of the p6-mop hackers.

As mentioned previously, the deadline has passed for registration, but it is still possible to contribute virtually over IRC, etc. So if you are interested in participating and helping out, please consider joining us on the #p5-mop channel and the p5p mailing list during the hackathon.

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