New Semantic Web Wiki

22/06/12 09:58 by Kjetil Kjernsmo (‎kjetilk‎)

There's a new Wiki on the Semantic Web with Perl site.

This will grow to the canonical community wiki, but currently, the main intention with this wiki is to flesh out some requirements for the work we'll do on the hackathon. Basically get some clarity so that the Moose folks can better help us get there. To really straighten this out, we need a face to face meeting, which is to us a large part of why we organize this hackathon.

Part of the work will be to create a much more flexible API. The whole Semantic Web community has a problem in that the low-level APIs have a very small number of methods and extension points, and for programmers, it means they cannot easily take advantage of the optimizations of the underlying stores. If we can succeed with Moose, we'll have something that goes far beyond what anybody else in the Semantic Web community has.

The other part is to try to put RDF semantics on the top of Moose. If successful, this will yield a totally new way of interacting with RDF data, much more dynamic and intuitive. It'll really make it fun to develop with Semantic Web.

It is history we're creating here, so do sign up and come hack with us!

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