p5-mop hackathon goals (part 1 of 5)

12/06/12 22:48 by Stevan Little (‎stevan‎)

In an effort to make the upcoming hackathon as productive as possible, we are beginning to plan out some of the goals we would like to accomplish and topics we would like to cover. In the original proposal we laid out five goals for the p5-mop portion of the hackathon and in this series of articles we will expand on each of them to provide more details.

More Tests

The Perl community has perhaps one of the strongest testing cultures around, with a set of tools and infrastructure that is unmatched in any other language. It is our goal with the p5-mop project to continue in this tradition and build a robust test suite that can be carried along through each stage of the project.

Tests are also one of the most accessible parts of a project and often the best place for new contributors to get involved. We will be looking for a number of different kinds of tests in an attempt to exercise the new MOP from as many angles as possible. Here are some short descriptions of those types of tests;

  • Example tests

    There is a place for simple contrived tests, these can isolate and test individual aspects of the code. However in order to really test the usability of the MOP, examples of a more realistic nature are invaluable.

  • Metaclass & Extension tests

    The power and extensibility of the MOP is of primary importance to our design goals, so the more metaclass and extension tests we have the more we can prove the design.

  • Edge & Error case tests

    This is Perl, a language famous for the ability to write completely incomprehensible insanity that can be executed from the command line. If the p5-mop is to be part of the Perl core, it has to stand up to the same level of language contortionism as the core language.

  • Integration tests

    The p5-mop aims to be cleanly compatible with the existing Perl OO world of packages and bless. Here be dragons! The more tests the better.

  • Module tests

    We found with Moose that one of the best resources for tests was the test suites of other modules written with Moose. We are trying to do the same with p5-mop, so come port your favorite CPAN module and tests.

So if you are interested in helping the p5-mop project grow into a stable and robust MOP for Perl, come to the hackathon and help us write tests, tests and more tests!

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