Travelling to the venue

06/06/12 20:00 by Salve J. Nilsen (‎sjn‎)

This hackathon is different from other events in several ways. It's the most ambitious one in group's soon 10 year-old history, it's a deeper-than-usual dive into topics that are very dear to our hearts, and perhaps most importantly it's far away from everything else.

Ok, ok. Maybe the venue is not that remote. Norway has plenty of much more remote places to visit should you desire to get away from everyone.

Still, travelling to this hackathon is less trivial than any other event previously has organized. This one isn't located next to some major airport with speedy train connection to a nearby bustling metropolis. Instead, we'll have to travel to a small city on the fjord-scarred Norwegian west coast in order to take a ferry to catch and a bus that only leaves a few times a day.

Extraordinary travel requirements require extraordinary travel guidelines. This is why I'm happy to say we have a great guide on how to get to the venue! Arne has put together lots of useful information (even a map to the area!) and updated the hackathon schedule with important deadlines.

If you consider coming, please take a look. Hopefully this will make it less likely anyone gets lost on their way to Stavanger and Preikestolen! :)

-- Salve J. Nilsen (one of the hackathon organizers)

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