Modern Perl Web Development

By Dave Cross (‎davorg‎) from
Date: Saturday, 12 December 2015 09:10
Duration: 110 minutes
Target audience: Any
Tags: cgi perl psgi web

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

I've spent the last year working on a book about Modern Perl Web Development. For two hours I'll summarise what I found.

In other words, it'll be a high-level overview of the State of the Art in Perl Web Development.

Attended by: Dave Cross (‎davorg‎), Eitan Schuler, Marco Fontani (‎mfontani‎), Smylers, Clyde Ingram, Richard Weeks, Neil Bowers (‎NEILB‎), Soydaner Ulker, Filippo Biondi (‎fedelippo‎), Simon Quain, o, Michael Woods, Michael Gray, Eduard Wulff, Mihai Pop, Rosellyne Worrall (‎rozallin‎), Helen Schuilenburg, Umair Dojki, Brian Kelly,



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