The Event that just keeps Giving

27/11/13 11:45 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

Everyone should be aware by now that the London Perl Workshop is not just in its anniversary year but is the event that gives a lot to the notion of 'free'.

We have:

* Free presentations

* Free training

* Free coffee in the morning

* Free coffee in the evening

* Free drink at the social in the evening

* Free food at the social

* Free entry (though many donated and for that we are hugely grateful)

However, we don't just stop there, and nor do our sponsors. This year we have a number of free gifts and prizes coming from sponsors:

* Free gift for everyone who registered before 15th November from Bytemark

* Free prize (to anyone) for getting a Perl question right - visit the Eligo stand for a chance to win

* free chance to win one of 10 books from O'Reilly

* two awards (kindles) from AntibodyMX as voted for by the attendees.

So everyone visiting the event now has the chance to walk away with up to three gifts, and the speakers get to fight for the chance for a fourth.

LPW, probably the best event in existence. See you on Saturday.



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