Bytemark Joins the Sponsors

07/11/13 19:48 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

It is a great pleasure to announce that Bytemark will once again return as sponsors of the London Perl Workshop in its tenth anniversary year.

Bytemark have been a constant supporter of the workshop and of Perl projects such as MetaCPAN and CPAN Testers for a number of years and it is a wonderful feeling to have them return to the event again.

'Bytemark Hosting is the UK's "geek hosting outfit of choice" because its programmer & network-engineer team have built it that way since 2002, with their own tools, software and technical expertise. They understand web applications and network infrastructure equally, and host names such as Bostik, and Britain's largest mystery shopping company, Retail Eyes. Their hosting starts at only £15 per month and runs to multi-site managed setups for customers with the fussiest demands of reliability and failover.'

This year Bytemark will sponsor two wonderful initiatives. Firstly they will host the afternoon coffee break. That's right, the LPW will be adding a free afternoon drink to the morning, evening food and drink festivities. The second initiative is very special. Everyone who signs up to the event before the 14th November, at midnight, will be treated to an individualised gift from Bytemark to be handed out at the afternoon break.

Please help spread the word about the London Perl Workshop, the only barrier-free* to attend event that offers:

Expert Perl Training A bevy of magnificent presentations A free morning drink A free afternoon drink An individualised gift A free drink in the evening social(alcoholic and non-alcoholic) Free evening buffet

* This is a ticketed event but tickets start as low as £0.



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