Eligo are the Media Sponsors

25/10/13 15:44 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

It is a pleasure today to talk about Eligo who have joined us again this year and taken the step of being media sponsors for the London Perl Workshop.

Eligo are a niche boutique recruitment consultancy with a team of dedicated Perl Consultants.

Eligo live and breathe their markets. In fact they like to think they are as passionate about the sector as those who work within it. If you want proof of it stop by and meet Rick Deller one of our Senior Perl Consultants. Rick will be joining us for the London Perl Workshop.

Because they understand the market shifts, history and challenges, they are able to provide honest and accurate insight into the market in terms of new entrants to the market, company growth, new products, opportunities, candidate availability, salary surveys, industry standards, competitor information etc.

They are able to find you the right person and/or job whether you are looking for- Permanent Contract, Temporary and Fixed Term Contracts

Whether you are looking for a role or a candidate in the UK, Europe or US, they can help.

Please come to see Rick at the workshop or get in touch before on 020 8944 4187, Rick@eligo.co.uk, www.eligo.co.uk.

Make sure to stop by and see Rick talk about the market and jobs as part of the special panel on the day.



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