Petamem joins list of sponsors for LPW2013

30/09/13 18:23 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

It is our pleasure to announce that Petamem have joined the list of sponsors for the 10th Anniversary London Perl Workshop.

Petamem are returning this year to be our workshop sponsors so that we can hold a wider variety of longer events aimed at providing greater educational opportunities.

"The PetaMem Group stands for substantial competence in human language technologies, namely natural language processing and natural language understanding. Our systems cover all areas from language identification over machine translation to discourse systems (virtual agents) and are used worldwide by top-profile corporations as well as governmental institutions.

We consider Perl not just a programming language. For us, it is the key technology responsible for the performance and success of our systems. Designed by a linguist and applied in computational linguistics, Perl allows us to declass those competitors who are not using it."

PetaMem will also be sending a member of staff to represent them at the conference and to hold a presentation.



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