The Facts and Figures: Week Six

19/08/13 18:42 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

It is a Monday evening in the United Kingdom so it is time for a weekly news and statistics for the London Perl Workshop. We have had a short break for two weeks but are now back on schedule. Let us look at what has happened in the past sixteen days in our Facts and Figures news.


We are enormously happy to announce that Exonetric will once again be sponsoring the LPW and will be contributing tasty sdnacks to complement the sponsored coffee morning being supplied by OpusVL's sponsorship.

Submitted Talks:

We have had four more presentations submitted:

Neil Bowers has submitted two talks, one lightning and one twenty minute talk. He wants to talk about Questhub and also Adopting modules on CPAN, a noble cause if you wanted our opinion.

Jason Clifford wants to give a lightning talk on testing Network Client Code by Mocking LWP requests.

And David Leadbetter wants to run random Perl code...safely - with perhaps a tongue in cheek on the meaning of the word safe.

If you want to be spoken about submit your talks now and we will cover them in ourt weekly roundup.


The London Perl Workshop has always prided itself not only on Moderate length Presentations and Lightning Talks but on Workshop Training. Each year we submit a call for people to supply us with training events and each year we are enormously gratified when people assign themselves to that task.

Joining Dave Cross this year will once again be Andrew Solomon. This year he will be presenting a workshop on Dancer2. This is likely to be a popular class, places will be limited so please sign up early and spread the word.

Andrew has given excellent workshops in previous years and all the organisers welcome his participation at this year's event.


There are currently 70 people signed up to the conference from 8 countries and 29 user groups. Hello all, make sure you keep reading the news page, and mdk's blog at for on-going details. You can also like us on Facebook.

The most popular groups so far are:

* (no great surprise)

* (go the local group of the organisers)

* Nottingham (a surprise jump up the stats)

* Niederrhein (yay a non-UK monger group in our top five)

* (those Wascally Wabbits) - have slipped to five

We'd love to see more of you signed up so please spread the word to new attendees, speakers and sponsors. Don't forget that you must choose your ticket price once you have registered, this includes about 50% of you who have registered so far.

Keep following us for more weekly updates.



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