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Rail Replacement Transport

14/02/18 17:45 by Jens Rehsack (‎Sno‎)

German Rail will have construction work on the track Cologne-Gummersbach during the GPW. This results in app. 35 minutes longer journey. We try to organize a "pickup service" starting in Overath station. This is half the way to Gummersbach, where you otherwhise switch from train to bus. Pleas let us know when do you arrive by public transport (OePNV) in Overath to pick you up if possible, or if you come by car and are willing to pick someone up. When you leave the train, the central bus station is next to track 1, there shoulb be someone willing to pick you up hopefully, or the bus which is the replacement for the rest of your journey with Deutsche Bahn.