20 minutes



This talks describes a Perl 5 application for sensing and recording airplane overflights, correlating them with a noise reading for a local anti-noise pressure group.

The driver application is Perl 5 but it calls a C based binary to read the transponders and a Python program to read the decibel meter. Then it stores information into Influxdb a time series database.

Two main lessons here, DRY moves outside Perl (I didn't want to re-write the transponder software or the DB meter, just for the sake of purity). Also, working to make something reliable and sysadmin-zero comes with the territory, platform decisions are important. Good parsing for the transponder message structure made Perl 'better' than Python for this at time I wrote it. New version will probably upgrade to Pi B because of USB availability. Perl and Pi-Zero experience good though. 

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