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Git Tips & Tricks

by Tina Müller (‎tinita‎) (,

Git Tips & Tricks aimed at Intermediate and is held in Deutsch. This talk starts on 2019-03-08 at 14:10 for 40 minutes. It takes place at the R1.046 (Red Cube).

For this talk you should have a very basic understanding of git. I generally can recommend

I often get asked git questions from co-workers, when they want to know how to do something, or when they messed up something.
I have a lot of git/shell aliases that help me to show the current status and what I'm going to push/merge where.

You made changes to one file that you would like to put in two different commits because they don't belong together? I'll show you how.

You fear rebase because people told you that it's evil? There are actually several kinds of rebase, and I think you should at least learn how to do an interactive rebase on your local branches.

You accidentally commited to the wrong branch? That's easy to fix (given that you didn't already push it), and I'll show you how to avoid that in the future.

Please note that this is all about command line usage of git.


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