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 Please address any questions and comments related to the conference and sponsorship to the Organising Committee at [|].
-Please, click the following image or access to [|YE2015-Sponsor-Us-pdf] to obtain all this information as a PDF file, 'including the form to be sent' to the Organising Committee. Thanks!
+=== Becoming one of our Sponsors ===
-(If you prefer, you can also download it as a DOCX file: [|YE2015-Sponsor-Us.docx]). 
+You can download all this information and '''also the form to be sent to the organisers''' (which includes the bank account to where you can transfer your money) in two different formats:
+    * As PDF file, clicking on [|YE2015-Sponsor-Us-pdf]
+    * Or, if you prefer, as a DOCX file: [|YE2015-Sponsor-Us.docx]. 
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