A Self-Organized Partner's Program

There does not seem to be an official partner's program, although there is a list of proposed things to do in Frankfurt.

Which does not prevent the partners and the attendees to organize the time they won't spend together. :-)

Lonely partners

First thing is to list people, and what they are interested to see.
(Yes, it's safe to give your Act password to your partner. ;-)

Then it's possible to make up small groups that will meet at the venue and then run away in Frankfurt to do touristy things, before regrouping with the attendees at the end of the day.

List of possible things to do

(To be moved them in the next section when some scheduling is decided.)


This is a proposal. Please organize yourselves, partners!

Monday August, 20

Tuesday August, 21

Wednesday August, 22

  • 10:00 - Meeting at the venue
  • 10:15 - Leaving the venue
  • ...
  • 16:30 - Optional return at the venue (for lightning talks day 3)

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