By Mark Overmeer (‎markov‎) from Arnhem.pm, Amsterdam.pm
Date: Wednesday, 22 August 2012 11:20
Duration: 90 minutes
Target audience: Advanced
Language: English
Tags: xml

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

You may like it or not, but many of us need to process XML every once in a while. XML itself can be compared to lines on paper -- nothing special; the "technologies" around it do the work.

As maintainer of XML::Compile, I see many many schemas and WSDLs (SOAP). Like any good software project, those are usually full of mistakes, ugliness and heritage.

In previous years, I have taught how to use XML::Compile(::SOAP(::Daemon)); they play only a minor role in this presentation (some examples shown) My target for this talk is to improve your knowledge about schema's/soap/wsdl to a level above the of average schema designer. This will help you with your next XML-related project.

Attended by: Piotr Fusik (‎0xF‎), Norbert Csongrádi (‎Bert‎), Henrik Tougaard (‎htoug‎), Eric Johnson (‎kablamo‎), Gunnar Koppel (‎wk‎), Erik Johansen (‎uniejo‎), Ulrich Wisser (‎wisser‎), Steffen Winkler (‎STEFFENW‎), Torsten Förtsch, Magnus Zeisig (‎magnuz‎), Tobias Reimann, Martin Vorländer (‎mvorl‎), Alex Timoshenko, Julien Fiegehenn (‎simbabque‎), Miguel Godinho, Hilko Bengen (‎hillu‎), Sören Laird Sörries, Stepan Cenek, Tobias Leich (‎froggs‎),
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