Threading support in Parrot

By Stefan Seifert (‎Nine‎) from
Date: Tuesday, 21 August 2012 11:20
Duration: 40 minutes
Target audience: Advanced
Language: English
Tags: parrot perl6 thread

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

RFC #1 for Perl 6 was for it to have integrated threading support from the start. We know this didn't happen.

This talk sheds some light on why it's so difficult to get working threading support and why the existing threading support has been removed from Parrot. It will also present our new approach which may finally bring us into a multi-threaded world.

Attended by: Stéphane Payrard (‎cognominal‎), Gianni Ceccarelli (‎dakkar‎), Martin Vorländer (‎mvorl‎), Stefan Seifert (‎Nine‎), Jörg Plate (‎Patterner‎), BinGOs, Erik Johansen (‎uniejo‎), Sebastian Stellingwerff (‎webmind‎), Martin Becker (‎martin‎), Maxim Vuets (‎mvuets‎), Herbert Breunung (‎lichtkind‎), Kang-min Liu (‎gugod‎), Reini Urban (‎rurban‎), Leon Timmermans (‎leont‎), Oskari Ojala (‎Okko‎), Torsten Förtsch, Hilko Bengen (‎hillu‎), Alex Timoshenko, Catalin Ciurea (‎catalin‎), Tobias Leich (‎froggs‎), Stefan O'Rear (‎sorear‎), Stepan Cenek, Michal Jurosz (‎mj41‎), Jean,
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