The Hitchhiker's Guide to Warsaw


Polish zloty (PLN) is about 0.23 euro and 0.30 dollars. There is unfavorable exchange rate at airport. Try to make an exchange in the city. You can pay with credit card or ATM card even in taxi.


Never get the taxi parked near airport or railway station. These nice people who propose you the taxi from airport are nice because the course will cost you 5-8 times more than normal.

If you need legal taxi then look for travel information point or call one of licensed taxi corp. The list:

Some taxi corporations allow to pay with credit or ATM card, ie. Glob Cab Taxi (+48 22 196 68), Super Taxi (+48 22 196 22), Ele Taxi (+48 22 811 11 11), but you should tell previously that you need card terminal in cab.


The schedule tables with search are at From airport the best bus to city center is 175 or 188. The Perl Workshop is very close to the "Wierzbno" Metro Station, four stations from the center in the direction "Kabaty".

There are same tickets for metro, buses and trams. You can buy one-way or 1 day or 3 day ticket. Buy tickets in at newsstand or ticket machine.

Always enter the subtrain at airport with first door and find conductor if you have a ticket for metro/bus/tram. They can be used in subtrain too but the conductor has to validate them first.


Warsaw numbers (e.g. for taxi) are prefixed +48 22

The GSM 3G is available almost on every place. You can buy cheap mobile starter. See “Internet” below.

The PLPW2013 hotline is +48 690694177 (mobile).


Free and unregistered Internet is on almost every McDonald’s, KFC, cafe, restaurant. Sometimes you need to ask for password.

For GSM mobile you can buy a mobile starter such as “nju mobile” or “heyah”. The cheapest starter has 5 PLN on account and 1 MB costs 0.2 PLN. Better option is top-up for 10 PLN and data package (100 MB for 7 PLN or 350 MB for 15 PLN). Mobile starters are anonymous.

The city

See this guide:

The Warsaw Rising Museum, The Old Town, University of Warsaw Library and Multimedia Fountain Park are the solid points to visit.


There is a large network of city bicycle system called Veturilo You need to register in the system and you can rent the bicycle for free up to 20 minutes or very small fee after this time.


Usually 10%. Sometimes already included in the bill as “service”.


Don't drink alcohol on street (outside bar/pub/restaurant) or in the park because you'll be fined 100 PLN.

Don't ride bicycle after alcohol. It is serious crime here and you'll go to jail if the police catch you.

Other events

On Saturday and Sunday there is Orange Warsaw Festival with strong line-up: Beyonce, Fatboy Slim, Cypress Hill, The Offspring and others.


Call our hotline +48 690694177 or see site for help.

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