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This is a little introduction into the difficulty of developing GUI applications for Perl, and Perl's power to make difficult things easy. Perl's forte has always been at the back end, processing data, managing information and presenting the results either to the console or to a browser front end. Yet there are many graphical toolkits which make desktop application programming possible. But support is increasingly hard to find, and certainly making something possible is somewhat different from making things easy. This presentation is a description of one way to make something difficult, into something trivial and available to the novice programmer. More importantly despite its power and huge CPAN resurces, Perl remains seen as an out-of-sight out-of-mind backend language for geeks. Tools that make a program visible, accessible and fit into modern desktop paradigms may be useful to present the power of any language. To do so easily accelerates development of ones own tools, as well as making the tool easily useable by others who may not be programmers. 

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