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Template toolkit translations with Log::Report

von Mark Overmeer (‎markov‎) (,

Template toolkit translations with Log::Report richtet sich an Alle und wird in English gehalten. Der Talk beginnt am 05.04.2018 um 15:30 Uhr und dauert 40 Minuten. Er findet im Dom statt.

Log::Report::Template extends Template Toolkit with a simple way to use translations. With about 10 lines of code, you are ready to go...

The (gnu) gettext translation infrastructure, where translations are organized via PO-files, is implemented by various perl modules. They do all extend the original (printf) formatted strings in some way or the other. Log::Report has extended the power of the translatable message ids much further than other modules.

The Template extension also adds nice features specific for generating HTML. I will also discuss a whole bunch of related useful modules.

Tags: exceptions logging translations