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The State of The YAML

by Tina Müller (‎tinita‎) (,

The State of The YAML aimed at Familar with subject and is held in Deutsch. This talk starts on 2017-06-28 at 10:00 for 40 minutes. It takes place at the

(Deutscher Text folgt noch)

YAML is widely-used, but still all the implementations in various languages behave differently.

* Why is that? I show you YAML examples that make you cry (at least if you develop a parser).

* Can we fix that?

* Is there a test suite that I can use if I want to implement a parser (in any language)?

* Can I quickly find out how different frameworks are parsing my YAML or do I have to install all of them?

* Can I find out which frameworks conform to the spec?

* Is there a parser in Perl or in any language that fully conforms to the YAML 1.2 spec?

* The Future of YAML: Are there any plans for 1.3 or 2.0?

I'll answer those questions and show you a couple of interesting projects started during the last year that are trying to improve things in the YAML world.

I'll talk about what we did and decided at the YAML Summit 2017 in Berlin.


Tags: parsing testing yaml

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