The hackathon is at
Thomas-Mann-Straße 16 - 20
90471 Nürnberg

It is in the show room in the lobby of the actual data center. To get entry, you'll have to ring the doorbell both at the outer fence and at the turnstile which gives access to the data center building. There are two entries to the whole area; use the one with the sign next to it.

Time: 10:00H to 17:00H

There will be snacks and soft drinks, but no proper lunch served.

Topics: Whatever you want to hack on. There will certainly be some Perl 6 developers around. If you want to experiment with Perl 6, it is recommended that you install the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler in advance.

There is room for about 20 hackers. First come, first serve..

* moritz
* timotimo

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