A conference like the London Perl & Raku Workshop which offers a great community event at no cost to its attendees is reliant on sponsorship. Each year it is a pleasure to welcome back a fantastic group of sponsors and to welcome new faces to our event.

If you would like to consider joining the list of sponsors below then please take a look at our sponsorship packages. For all of those who visit the event or support the London Perl & Raku Workshop please consider visiting our sponsors and if you meet them in person thank them for their continued efforts to support our community and its projects and events.

Diamond Sponsor

Deriv, a leading online broker with 25 years in the industry, is proud to sponsor the London Perl & Raku Workshop 2024.

As a company with strong ties to the Open Source community, our connection to Perl is more than just practical—it's a passion. Over the years, we have actively used Modern Perl and contributed to shaping its future, including beta testing key developments like Object::Pad, which are crucial for advancing the language's capabilities.

Perl is the backbone of our back-end operations, proving to be a robust, reliable, and versatile language that meets our needs. Its community-driven growth, notably through CPAN, continually boosts its capabilities and reflects our values of collaboration and innovation.

At Deriv, we apply Perl across various areas, from microservices with Myriad to complex asynchronous event-driven programming through our work on Net::Async. Our involvement also includes developing and sharing modules that work with Postgres, Redis, and Slack, improving the Mojolicious framework, and handling specialized financial services tasks such as modeling market trends and managing cryptocurrency transactions.

Sponsoring the London Perl & Raku Workshop shows our commitment to this vibrant community. We are eager to connect with fellow Perl enthusiasts, share our experiences, and explore new advancements together. This event is a cornerstone for collaborative development and innovation, and we look forward to contributing to and celebrating the ongoing evolution of Perl and Raku. Join us as we continue to support and nurture the growth of these powerful programming languages.

Silver Sponsors

Perl developers are hard to get. As the leading language of the dotcom boom, Perl is one of the best-paid languages worldwide, yet Perl training seldom features on university curricula. But that doesn't have to cause a headache for employers trying to expand their Perl team.

Geekuni can give software developers with no previous Perl experience the training they need, as they need it. So, whether you’re looking to provide new recruits with online Perl training from day one of the onboarding process or upskill existing talent, Geekuni has the training package to empower your staff with Perl.

To find out more, go here: https://geekuni.com/corporate-perl-training or email andrew@geekuni.com


Geizhals Preisvergleich is one of the largest product and price comparison platforms in the German-speaking area.

For now over 20 years, our company has proven itself in a highly competitive, dynamic industry.

We attribute our success to an uncompromising implementation of our company philosophy: transparency, objective and user-oriented information, and the quality of our content.

The Geizhals Preisvergleich teach team has been a proud user and supporter of the Perl programming language since the founding of the company. In the last months this includes directly supporting development for the "Corinna in Core" project.

Datensegler e.U. is a small team of Perl enthusiasts specialized in agile software development and PostgreSQL consulting from Vienna, Austria and are happy to sponsor the LPW2024.

We use Perl in the majority of our projects both for web applications (shout-out to the formidable Mojolicious framework) and backend tasks from ETL to web scraping since, well basically forever.

We also offer PostgreSQL consulting, including developer support, optimization and operating. If you want to migrate from Oracle or MySQL to PostgreSQL we can lend a helping hand too.