Proceedings paper YAPC::Europe 2012 - HOW TO START
How to start your own POD article

- Copy the whole directory "somewhere";
this copy will become the new working directory

- Change into that working directory

- Rename the subdir "sts72"
e.g. into "maxe68"
(choose an author specific mnemonic that
probably doesn't collide with other authors)

- If you provide more than one article, create an own working
directory for each one and choose distinguishing AUTHORMNEMONICs,
for instance "maxe68a", "maxe68b", "maxe68c", ...

- Rename the file "article_sts72.tex" into "article_maxe68.tex"

- In file "main.tex" change the line




- In file "article_maxe68.pod" do the following string substitution:

sts72 -> maxe68

- In Makefile change the line

AUTHOR_ID = sts72


AUTHOR_ID = maxe68

- Change content of "article_maxe68.pod" as you like, it's now your

- Please provide one section "=head2 Author", in which all authors
of the article are listed in single lines.

- Please provide one section "=head2 Abstract" with a short abstract
without further sub headlines.

- Test it. Either via "make" or manually via these commands:

$ pod2latex article_maxe68.pod
$ latex main.tex
$ makeindex -s main.ist main.idx
$ latex main.tex
$ latex main.tex
$ dvipdf main.dvi

- In case of latex errors due to missing packages, that we expect in
"perlws.sty", but that you don't need, feel free to comment out the
corresponding \usepackage lines (use '%' at beginning of a line).
Most often this happens to the "listings" package which isn't
available in each system.

- Keywords of your talk that are not marked either in the abstract or
in the article can be provided in an optional "indexlist_maxe68"
file. Each word in a single line.

- In case you want provide optional goodies for the CD, please copy
them into a subdir named "goodies_maxe68/". This directory will be
made part of the CD. A file "index.html" can be provided as an entry
point, otherwise a link to the directory will be made.

- Please send an early version of the file "article_maxe68.pod"
together with the subdirectoris "maxe68/" and "goodies_maxe86/" to
the proceedings team or your designated sponsor (tutor).

- Any questions? Feel free to ask the friendly YAPC::EU organisation
team at:


Have fun!

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