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Vegan/Vegetarian Food in Frankfurt

For those eating vegan/vegetarian or those who just want to try it out.

There is a website with informations for getting vegan food:

I list the restaurants mentioned there with a map link and a short description:

  • Edelkiosk Map Vegan Cafe
  • AROMA Falafel Map Falafel, Fries
  • Safir Map Libanesian Fast Food, vegan on request
  • Amir Sandwich Map Libanesian Falafel
  • culux Map Fast Food Restaurant, mainly nonvegan, offers a vegan fried sausage on request
  • MoschMosch Map Japan Noodle Restaurant Chain. Vegan food is marked on the menu
  • Naturbar Map Vegetarian Restaurant (Organic) with usually one vegan menu per day
  • Nordstern Map vegan and vegetarian meals

Some vocabulary: Milk = Milch, Cream = Sahne, Cheese = Käse, Yoghurt = Joghurt, butter = butter, quark/curd = Quark, honey = Honig, egg = Ei

Some vocabulary for Austrians: Obers = Sahne, Topfen = Quark, Paradeiser = Tomate, Erdäpfel = Kartoffel, Stelze = Eisbein.

Maybe some Frankfurt locals can add more restaurants?

Interested in eating vegan

How about finding a restaurant together...

Interested in eating vegetarian

How about finding a restaurant together...


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