Labyrinth Is/Isn't A Web Framework

By Barbie from
Date: Monday, 20 August 2012 15:20
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: English
Tags: application framework web

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

Labyrinth is a codebase for presenting websites, originally designed and developed in 2002. It's original design goal was to be a "Website In A Box", meaning that it could be installed on a web server ready and complete to serve a website. However, it can additionally be extended, providing a framework for those who wish to add their own requirements to the workflow and functionality.

As such, this talk is an introduction to both the web framework and stand-alone aspects of Labyrinth.

Attended by: Martin Becker (‎martin‎), Serge Hoffmann (‎atcom‎), Christian Walde (‎Mithaldu‎), Peter Makholm (‎brother‎), Nicholas Clark, Barbie, Gunnar Koppel (‎wk‎), marc chantreux (‎eiro‎), Oskari Ojala (‎Okko‎), Tobias Reimann, Damien Krotkine (‎dams‎), Alex Timoshenko, Andreas Vögele, Winfried Puchinger (‎winpuc‎), Wolfgang Schemmel (‎Perleone‎), Sören Laird Sörries, Anton Berezin (‎Grrrr‎), Sebastian Willert, Vincent Bachelier (‎geistteufel‎), Ahti Nurminen (‎ade‎), mirod, Sebastian Stellingwerff (‎webmind‎), Erik Colson (‎ecocode‎),
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